Introducing . . . Poker

Hi Guys, I went through my gmail Drafts and saw this thought that I documented on the 22nd of May, 2014 - almost a year ago: If I had money, I'd feed children... Not-minding the fallacy loaded in the first half of the statement - "If I had money" (because I do have money. LOL), I was wondering what came to mind when I wrote that. I think the question that came to mind when I wrote that was What's the best you will give a person in need, If money was not a factor? I've revisited that draft occasionally and from that single statement, I've built dreams for my future which I will achieve in coming days. I also realize that a good number of young people are not exactly sure…
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Life’s Unanswerable Questions

Howdy Earthlings! How was your weekend? Here in Nigeria, we had a loooong weekend - public holidays on Monday and Tuesday, hence, the week is just starting and it gonna end pretty soon. Yayyy! Anyway, I spent my long weekend on a pet project I've had in mind for a while. I was basically creating a fashion item, which I'm gonna share here pretty soon, BTW, its gonna be for sale so, am excited about what will emanate from it. Am being very professional about the project, applying some business sense to it, planning photo shoots, working out economies of scale, documenting procedures etc, so thats fun. Back to the business of the day. In my usual fashion, while browsing the internet, I came across a guy - Troye Sivan. Amazing amazing vocals…
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