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Hey Earthlings! 

Trust the week has been great? Mine has been kinda “mehhh”. My brain has been bursting from working late into the night back to back, my car was trying to be dramatic this morning, the whole world has kinda been annoying. Arrrgghhh! I knew I had hit my limit yesterday, when I actually mistakenly sent about #100,000 to a wrong account number yesterday. Imagine! Attention span = 0.
Anyway, I’ve been battling with reading and concentration over the past few days and I just learnt a lesson. Enjoy below. 

I have 2 exams to write in December which I have been preparing for for a few weeks now, albeit quite slow. This 4 day-holiday could not have at a better time because I hoped it will avail me some time to catch up on my books and other things. Mainly the books.
3 days into the long holiday and I haven’t even been able to flip 2 past pages of the textbook of the seemingly easier one of the two exams. This isn’t for lack of trying because I really have been opening the book. But I can’t seem to get past 2 pages in 3 days! Jeezzz! Nothing seems to get me going – music, food, hangout, sleep. Nada! 

I was beginning to come to terms with the fact that this was not going to happen as planned and the holiday had been a waste so far. Rescheduling the exams till next year seemed like the way forward. Clearly, I felt I wasn’t up for it. 

Upong getting home this evening, I decided to give it one last shot before I went out to blow whatever time is left of the holiday and I literally said this out loud.

Maybe it’s the stupid course I’ve been reading that’s killing my mojo. Let me read the second harder one that has calculations o. I can’t be more depressed than I already am. 

Et Voila! 

I’m 2 hours sunk in and feeling it! Hence, I’m not rescheduling my exams. I’m gonna show ’em my stuff!

Lesson learnt: I’m not always the problem. Sometimes, the environment, the weather, the other person, the other road user, the font size, anything else but me is the problem. However, it doesn’t end there, I gotta keep trying to make it work for me because the world doesn’t always revolve around my comfort zone. 
Cheers to all the amazing things and people that make you smile when your mind drifts away!

P.S: the title of this post, yeah, nothing to do with the content. It’s a phrase I remember from “The Big Bang Theory” – one of the little things that make me smile when my mind drifts away.!