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Liking: how 2016 went. Probably in the typical Nigerian “We-thank-God” way, but something deep down tells me there’s more  to why I loved 2016

Cooking: Shrimped Fried Rice for New Year’s day. Hopefully

Looking: for pictures / quotes for the decorative frames that have hung empty on my parlor wall for the past one year

Wearing: a pink sweater, a pink shirt, black slacks and purple matte lipstick. Sweater, because harmattan. Purple lipstick I wear everyday because, habit. Pink – I hate pink.

Waiting: for June 30, 2017. Finally, I will be able to breath.

Admiring: the weirdness called “Christina Yang” in Grey’s anatomy. It’s ok to be the unconventional girl or the one that comes across as cold and too driven. it’s ok to like that girl too.

Looking: forward to Christmas with my future family in a couple of years. We’re gonna go all out with the Christmas tradition all through December, well, except they’re aren’t really into it. (God, I hope they are!)

Happy: for Adejumoke (Jay) and Akintayo (John-John) who are having their introduction today and getting married soon. Classic case of “we find love in unexcpeted places”. I love you both and wish you the very best my baby girl Jay!

Studying: for 3 papers in 2 months. Whew!

Wanting: to just read, read and read stuffs and be badass at certain things.

Junking: on Lauren Daigle – How can it be album. God I love it! That album has seen me through some confusing and memory-mad moments in the past couple of months. Every song is DIVINE!

Feeling: the good-kind-of-scared for the future. That feeling of not knowing “how”, but certain things will turn out different and better than expected. Boy, I could be the world’s richest, most successful and influential shoemaker! Lol

Working: on being flexible, malleable and considerate of other people’s point of view. Also knowing when all these are necessary.

Enjoying: Salsa and online French brush-up classes.

Wishing: you an Amazing and Awesome 2017

. . . Dx.