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Hoping: that I’m not too late; that I’m not too in a hurry; that I’m not too blind to see; that I do not too caught up doing the wrong things and ignoring the right things. Nothing beats missed opportunities. Timing is very major.

Wearing: Black and Beige in Blazers, Shawl, Camisole, Pants and Shoes. My love for neutrals though. That isn’t changing anytime soon. At times I feel like I look the same way  everyday, adorned in my blacks, whites, beige, browns, greys and navy blues

Drinking: Coke. I need to get rid of this bad habit for real.

Staring: at a mug of tea, stained with my deep purple lipstick.

Wondering: when basic necessities such as electricity, internet access, fuel and the “good life” became such a luxury in this part of the world. Are we asking for too much ? Are we ?

Listening: to Mornings with Jerry and Blanca (WGTS 91.9). Gospel music on repeat. I do not take for granted, how much these music moments help me calm down and detach from the distractions in my environment whenever I get tense and worried.

Searching: for The Good Psychopath’s Guide to Success. I think I would love the entire series of “The Good Psychopath

Putting: together a compelling service story for a business idea I’m working on. I feel very strongly about this service and I pray daily for the ability, capacity and resources to pull it through excellently.

Just ate: Pound-o yam and egusi with goat meat. Quite bland taste actually. But worth the bucks paid for it. I don’t mind.

Bookmarking: black court shoes. I lost the heels of my pretty classic ones to stony terrain at the new car park. How cool will it be to find the brown Pull & Bear heels in black. Most comfy pair of heels I have ever owned.

Looking: forward to sweet conversations and baring all of my heart out to someone absolutely amazing everyday while I listen to him rant his heart out in excitement. Nothing beats that deep connection with someone.

Sorry: that people can judge one based on something as finicky as the scent that one permeates. Scratch that – it’s not finicky. But please give people a chance to prove themselves beyond what you “perceive” on the surface. (Pun intended).

Feeling: like cozying up in my bed, burning grapefruit or frosted cranberry scented candles, typing away on my laptop. I feel like I make the most progress with plans for my life in my bed.

Missing: those midnight whispers and pillow talk that usually lead to sleep. They lasted a really short while but were the perfect highlight of my day. I’m sure they will come again soon.

Need: a pedicure

Loving: those bible verses and confessions that make me go “arrgghh!”. Two of such are:

God will lavish me with good things…
…Deuteronomy 28:11
I will know that my place on earth is safe, I will look over my goods and find nothing amiss” .
…Job 5:24-25

Thankful: that I had that conversation about a friend, with another friend today. It was not gossip. Just a discussion about how we would sprinkle some scented glitter in his life. Hopefully things go as planned.