Living Stones

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The picture that comes to mind is a piece of wall art – made of stone mosaic, thick patterns, and delicate paint; each piece of pebble, a streak of pattern and a swab of paint, imperfectly forming the underlying image.It’s not entirely smooth, neither is it perfectly formed. You may even struggle to see the exact picture that the stones come together to represent.

But it’s art and it’s very costly! The value cannot be estimated.

Unfortunately, these stones carry no ID; these patterns seem very random. They are all unique but can’t be figured out individually. Their representation and effects can, however, can be seen in the art image eventually formed.

Our lives are built by the people in it – the people we let in conscious or unconsciously;

Much like these pretty pebbles, rough and full of beautiful unique flaws, these people make our lives the masterpiece it is. Their effects are seen in the daily expression of who we are.

In turn, a part of us is given away. It’s a mutual association;

You brush your marks on me and I smear you with some of me – consciously or unconsciously.

While we should be grateful for the opportunity that our lives can be influenced and built by the people in it, we are entirely responsible for how this masterpiece called “ME” turns out. It’s all on us if we reflect a negative influence over our lives or work to correct it.

Thank you to those who have helped build the masterpiece called “ME”