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I’m grateful for the wheels beneath my feet; and the crazy speed I do get away with;

I’m thankful for the roof and the walls and the solitude they brings me;

I’m grateful for the bones, the skin and the silhouette; and the beef that comes along with them;

I’m thankful for each strand, each loc and each braid; the length, the style and the choice;

I’m grateful for the heels and the choice to keep them high or low, black or blue;

I’m thankful for pain; and the prospects of the princes and princesses that make it all perfect;

I’m grateful for the bills, the cheques and the mails; my attention is definitely required;

I’m thankful for sometimes being ungrateful; 

I’m grateful for the sun, the wind and the rain; they are the closest to Your touch, Your kiss and Your embrace;

I’m thankful for the needs, the desires, the urges; they keep driving me back to you, reminding me that I’m human and You’re Uber;

I’m grateful for the mortals round about me, the ones who never cease to say “Hey!”; it means I have so much love to give and more to receive;

I’m thankful for memories made, chess played, insights gained, ideas caked and exams aced – just from this little mass of head;

I’m grateful for forever; forever means I get to see Your face because you paid the price;

I’m thankful for being grateful; it means I must have heard Your still small voice instructing me to be Thankful always;