April 1. April Smarts

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Happy New Year!

That took me all of 91 days! Whew! It’s been an amazing 91 days all the same. Days, weeks and months have gone by in 2016 and I am beyond grateful for everything that has come my way this year.

I particularly love love love April (Duh! it’s my birth month). I don’t really make so much of a big deal about my birthday. I just prefer to get away from all the social media noise, reminisce about the past, plan for the future and enjoy the day with one or two close friends. This year wont be any much different. I’ve been feeling quite old lately though, but that’s good too.

I took a stock of Q1 2016 yesterday and I was happy. My typical attitude to goals is to write them down. And live life barely trying to achieve them. This year, I decided to be conscious about my goals and about life. I started off by writing them down and breaking them into smaller achievable bits on a monthly basis. The feeling of checking off items on the list daily, weekly and monthly is awesome. Most importantly, I get to adjust and align my goals to the current reality, so i don’t get lost along the way.

The year began with me deciding to live consciously like I said. I know I drifted through the past 2 years – barely aware of what i was doing or how my life was going. I was just in a phase that i didn’t get. But, this year requires more effort at life and better decisions along the ride. That’s very important for sanity and survival. Knowing fully well that I have a choice, that I can determine the course of my life and the opportunities that are available to me makes me more excited to live it and take my chances.

Life’s rides are usually bumpy, but what’s the fun and adventure in smooth sailing rides anyway ?

I’m grateful for all that I have, all that I am and all that I do.

So, happy April “Smarts” day! I so do not like that term “April fools”, sounds like those of us born in April are fools. haha!. Anyway, it’s fine :-). Let the world enjoy calling it that, however am I the only one who think people don’t play as much April fools pranks as we did when we were kids ? or Is it my demography that has outgrown the whole fuss ? What do kids these days do for fun ?! Mahns are getting old o! Looool!

Anyways, Cheers, love, cakes and coke!

P.S: Been admiring this photo of me I created on SnapChat recently



…and Lamar’s old classic “If there’s any justice in the world” or the whole Time to grow album.