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This post almost did not happen.

I’ve been thinking about this post since November. What will my 2015 year-in-review post contain? I thought of 15 spectacular things that happened in 2015 and I could not even wrap my head around one. Not like there aren’t any, but none really struck me this year, to be honest.

At times, I feel like the year just passed through me and I couldn’t pause, relish and appreciate the seemingly good times and memories. In fact I think I went through the year with some high level of indifference to many things.

Today, I sit here in an empty apartment, cleaning in preparation for moving and chatting away. This phrase kept coming to me.

That awkward moment when all you literally have to say is “Thank you Lord”

I’m most times ungrateful – expecting my life to turn out the way I want and anything short of that is just “meh”. Until I hear someone else’s reality before I wonder how stupid I’ve been.

I’ve had a full year. Even at this point, specific words cease to come to mind to describe 2015 and it’s offerings. But I will give it a shot.

These were on my mind in 2015 according to my notes



 15 Highs and Lows of 2015

  1. I started my locs! What a relief I got from making my hair. Loving it!
  2. I got and started using my car in Lagos. Now a pro Lagos driver. I even travel outside Lagos alone now. Cool stuff!
  3. I started and wrote 2 papers of a professional exam.
  4. I had terrible accommodation drama …and then…
  5. I moved house!
  6. I shared the journal publicly and got very good feedback
  7. I did better spiritually than last year.
  8. I settled into my job nicely
  9. I made amazing amazing awesome new friends
  10. I did better financially. Structured spending (sorta), planning. Better budgeting, concise and clearer plans with money.
  11. I started my network marketing really well this year and made money off it, I however stopped half-way through the year when I got overwhelmed. Hence, no revenue from that point. And then on December 25, I got a message that I was due to move up as a supervisor. Quite interesting for no activity in 7 months. Loool.
  12. I got and worked on several IT projects with a few amazing people, brands and businesses much more than last year.
  13. I never took ill this year. Seems like I never take ill at all. That’s a long way from where I’m coming from to be honest.
  14. My mom got her Ph.D degree this year. Proud of her!
  15. I wrote in this journal more this year.

Seems like I had a year full of highs and I never realised it.

Ladies and gentlemen that made 2015 awesome

(in alphabetical order)

  1. AY – No cousin compares to you. You’ve taught me the value of family and what they really stand for in addition to being related by blood.
  2. – There’s always so much to say about you but Thank you for being one I can always talk to. And Thank you for talking. Loool . Thank you for that one time, and that second time and that third time and those several times you told me what you thought I should do when I was in a fix. Thank for for reminding me of my plans and dreams. Even though I’m sure you’ll call this “wash” (and if this was a chat, you’ll send me that photo of the woman scrubbing that boy with a sponge), but I look up to you in more ways than one. And that time LASTMA caught us because I drove rough – you even defended me said I was not at fault (even though we both know I was at fault) – you didn’t flare up like I thought you would.
  3. Bibi047 – You call, you text, you chat and we gossip. I don’t get why we are friends, but I don’t care and I like it. You genuinely wish me well and that’s more than I can ask for. I’m very proud of your achievements and how you cheer me on
  4. Fumzz – Loool. What can I say? I like you a lot. I like how humble and realistic you are. I like how we compare notes and keep up with what we are both up to. I like how we abuse the people that annoy us. Loool. Go and be a doctor fast. I can’t wait!
  5. Olu – You def rank high on this list. You’re amazing but that doesn’t say half as much. Thank you for thinking I’m “super smart” (I really am not as smart as you think I am). Whenever you shout and brag about me, I wonder why. Thanks for tolerating my vent and vex moments. “You can never bother me”,  “You are not disturbing me”, “You know you can call me by 2am to talk and I’ll respond” – I appreciate those. Thanks you for being my friend. Thank you for those screenshot and bible quotes that genuinely provide understanding and calm when I need them.
  6. Tywa – I’m so proud of you and how far we have come together. You probe and make me talk even when you know I don’t wanna. Gossip girl ! And those coral beads you gave me – I love them, I wanna wear them everyday like I’m the King!. Thank you for showing me how “easy” it is to be a cool mom, a lovely wife and an “omo girl” at the same time. Eshy & TJ are lucky to have you.

I’m not gonna get mushy. The list may increase before today ends as usual. Lool. But this will do for now.

This post almost did happen. But it did.


Cheers to the awesome New year. Drinks to that, yeah, yeah!